Raising an Olympian – Gabby Douglas
August 21, 2012, No Comments

Ready to tear up? Watch this video…

Is the Tanning Bed Really That Bad?
May 10, 2012, No Comments

How dangerous are tanning beds? A tan is exactly the same as a sunburn. Small, casual exposure of direct sunlight can be ...

What’s Your Nude?
May 1, 2012, No Comments

BRAS! BRAS! And MORE BRAS! Some of us have a love/hate relationship with our bras. Well while Hanes works on the feel an ...

Rihanna Blonde
The Dangers of Going Blonde
May 1, 2012, No Comments

 I know what you are probably thinking, “Ciara did it, Aborigine Babies Do it, Rihanna Did it Too !” In the ...

bikini wax
Can You Get an STD from a Bikini Wax ?
May 1, 2012, No Comments

Well Can You Get An STD from a Bikini Wax? Highly unlikely, but possible. according to Dr.Oz and the state of New Jersey ...