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SNL Lady Gaga and R.Kelly Make Strange Love On Stage

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Posted:  November 20, 2013  //  No comments

Lady Gaga and R.Kelly Do What They Want with Their Bodies on SNL

When I saw this performance on Saturday Night Live I honestly thought it was a skit, I wasn’t really paying attention to the tele at the time and when I looked up, there Gaga and R.Kelly were — doing what they want, what they want with their bodies. It was so strange, it had to be a skit. I immediately checked twitter hashtag #LadyGaga to see what was going on, and tons of comments with people confused about whether this was a bad joke, a skit or if Miley Cyrus was the choreographer, showed up. Some one may have even commented that R.Kelly is going to “pee” on Gaga for the finale! What do you think? Check out the video below!

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