Seth Rogan & James Franco Spoof Video “Bound 3″
November 26, 2013, No Comments

Seth Rogan and James Franco ode to Kanye and Kim’s latest music video. A hilarious spoof, I wonder what Kim and Ka ...

I May Try This At My Wedding
June 9, 2013, No Comments

What Do You Think?

JAY-Z Comes Out with a Line of White Klan Robes
May 16, 2013, No Comments

Jay-Z says he wants to take the power from the Klan and use the robes as signs of high fashion instead. Each robe will c ...

You Can’t Touch This – President Obama
November 8, 2012, No Comments

If you haven’t watch this video yet, sit back, relax and ENJOY!!!

Halloween Jokes
November 7, 2012, No Comments

big bird
Check Out This Ad!
October 9, 2012, No Comments

  After Mitt Romney surprised us all by what he planned to do for Sesame Street, (take away its government funds) w ...

WAKE THE {bleep} UP!!!!
September 27, 2012, No Comments

The profanity works for me just fine, this is HIGH STAKES STUFF and if this is what it takes to GET Your ATTENTION!!! Wa ...

mckayla is not impressed
Oh McKayla Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed
August 8, 2012, No Comments

McKayla Maroney, Team USA Gold Medalist in Gymnastics …  @McKaylaMaroney tweeted a link to a tumblr site someone ...

dead twitter bird
TOP 3 Reasons WHY Twitter Went DOWN….
July 26, 2012, No Comments

There are numerous reasons twitter could be down, here are our top reasons! 1- Computer Hacker Assassins have taken over ...