creek with pollen
PollenApocalypse 2013
April 10, 2013, No Comments

Governor Declares STATE of Emergency for Georgia’s Pollen Count -Just Kidding, but he should. If your allergies di ...

Sickle Cell
Tuesday is World Sickle Cell Day
June 19, 2012, No Comments

1 in 500 African American children born will have sickle-cell anemia. The average life expectancy of someone with Sickle ...

NYC Mayor Moves to Ban Over Sized Sugary Drinks
June 4, 2012, No Comments

By now we’ve all heard of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move” initiave aimed to reduce child ...

June 1, 2012, No Comments

 A friend of mine, sent this story and I am so glad she did. This parents of this child are close friends of hers. This ...

Another Fleshing Eating Bacteria Case
May 16, 2012, Comments Off

After giving birth to twins at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Thursday evening and being discharged Lana Kuykendal ...

aimee copeland
Causes of Flesh Eating Bacteria
May 15, 2012, No Comments

Aimee Copeland age 24, a University of West Georgia student from Snellville,GA was diagnosed with a “flesh eating bact ...