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I Literally Just Put My Credit Card Into the Freezer

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Posted:  August 15, 2012  //  No comments

I never thought, I … ‘little miss Shopaholic’ would have the discipline to freeze a credit card, but I just did. I placed it into a tin, filled it with water and placed it in the back of my freezer. I really want to own a home not just a home but a gorgeous one that I LOVE …

I’m not getting any younger

…and with a credit card in my wallet, it won’t happen!

I keep charging it up, having to pay it down and not saving money and paying more and more money in interest every month.

So here goes…

 Should you Freeze Your credit card? For me its the only way to keep me from using it frivolously and only using it when its absolutely necessarily.

That means if shoes are on sale…

…the credit card will have to thaw and while it does I hope I will remember my goal, come to my senses and put the card back into the freezer.

The credit card is only to be used for emergency car repair, healthcare or something else that is vital then I will at that point thaw out my credit card during the time it takes to thaw.

Why not just close the credit card account?  Closing your credit card account could lower your credit score tremendously, I suggest you only close a credit card out when you have paid it in full and don’t have anything major to purchase within the next year like a car or house. Also, if you already have several credit cards currently open, showing you as a good risk to loan money to in the ‘credit to debt’ ratio… meaning you have more credit than debt, then you are good to close your account. Majority of Americans however have more debt that credit, being that student loans suck us dry here in the states and we love to live far above our means, especially here in Atlanta.


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