Why Are Ballet Dancers Leaving the Atlanta Ballet ?
April 7, 2017, No Comments

Fourteen months after Gennadi Nedvigin took the helm as artistic director of the Atlanta Ballet, 13 dancers are set to ...

Gas Leak Causes Deadly Explosion – NY
March 12, 2014, No Comments

A gas explosion in East Harlem injured over 20 people, with two dead. Witnesses say the buildings were destroyed at Park ...

What If My Power Goes Out….
February 11, 2014, No Comments

It’s coming again, a snow storm is headed for ATLANTA. Mayor Reed and Governor Deal plan to do better by us this t ...

School Shooting at South Carolina State University
January 24, 2014, No Comments

School shooting at the esteemed South Carolina State University, no worries, only one person was injured, so there was n ...

Vote Again?? Dec. 3rd 2013 Run-Off Election
December 2, 2013, No Comments

Don’t forget to vote again tomorrow, Run-Off Elections are just as important as the initial election! Please get o ...

Keri Hilson
Early Voting in Atlanta
October 22, 2013, No Comments

Everyone’s doing it, its all the rage, notice Keri Hilson with her fabulous trendy “I’m A Georgia Vote ...

The Atlanta Football Classic SCSU vs NC A&T
October 4, 2013, No Comments

  Once again, its time for the Atlanta Football Classic, sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and Bank of Amer ...

Price Middle School Shooting
Price Middle School Shooting Details
January 31, 2013, No Comments

The FACTS That We Know -A 14 year old, male or female was shot. -According to every major news source, he or she is aliv ...

Oil Rig EXPLOSION in the Gulf of Mexico
November 16, 2012, No Comments

This just in, a little before 11:00 am an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico, exploded. Two people are missing and four have ...

SHOOTING at President Obama’s Campaign Office – Denver, CO
October 13, 2012, No Comments

Shot fired at Obama campaign office in Denver (AP) – 4 minutes ago DENVER (AP) — Denver police say someone has fire ...