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School Shooting at South Carolina State University

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Posted:  January 24, 2014  //  No comments

bulldogs unite

School shooting at the esteemed South Carolina State University, no worries, only one person was injured, so there was no need to bother CNN, HLN, FOX News or MSNBC, because there was not enough carnage to support NATIONAL broadcast. The Historically Black College/University nestled in Orangeburg, SC is usually a campus that stays out of even local news except for when the Presidential Debates were held there on campus back in 2008.

Authorities are searching for 4 suspects, the shooting took place at the Andrew Hugine dormitory. Funny enough, Andrew Hugine, who the dorm is now named for, was my math teacher my freshman year at South Carolina State, he went on to become the schools President and obviously did a terrific job. Which is more than what I can say for his math teaching abilities, just kidding it wasn’t his fault I wasn’t born with the math gene.  According to SC State Police Chief Mernard Clarkston, they know who fired the shots. However they are not releasing any information, as to who to be on the look out for or whether the victim’s injuries are life threatening. Claflin University, which is next door to SCSU told its students to look out for Justin Bernard Singleton of Charleston, SC. and even posted the photo below.





As always, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bulldog Family, and I hope all suspects are apprehended this should not happen ever on any campus, definitely not SCSU!

**Update** According to the Huffington Post, the person injured, has died as a result of this shooting.

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