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10 Reasons to STEP AWAY from the Relationship

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Posted:  September 27, 2012  //  No comments

For most humans capable of experiencing human emotion, one of the most difficult things to do is walk away from a relationship when negativity engulfs it.


-1- Emotional Abuse or Bullying – if more often than once your significant other is cruel or treats you as an “insignificant” part of his life, then it’s probably about time to move on.  Staying with this person, you are not being fair to yourself and allowing yourself to be in a relationship where everyone’s opinion is valuable, where everyone is valuable. No name calling, no screaming, these are my deal breakers, form some for yourself, what are your boundaries? Is this person willing to respect those boundaries for the sake of the relationship?


-2- He/She Left You For Dead! – Yes I took this line from Momma Dee “Love and Hip Hop” if you don’t watch the show, don’t worry about it, you will still understand the joke… But when you leave someone for dead, you don’t care how they are doing? Your significant other is allowed to be busy, he/she’s allowed to have a life outside of you but if your significant other can go for a week without contact, not knowing if you are dead or alive, if you are well or feeling lousy, if he/she has the ability to abandon you then this relationship probably isn’t going to be healthy. Waiting by the phone is for single people, not those in a relationship. Capish?

-3- Introductions- How does he introduce you? If you are not girlfriend, wife or fiancée, of if you are never introduced at all because you are never seen in public together, chances are you aren’t the only girlfriend, wife or fiancée he has. AND guys this goes for you too. If you are not introduced as boyfriend, husband, fiancé, companion, confidant, knight in shining armor, then she’s probably doesn’t see you that way.

-4- He’s Going Thru a Divorce, She is in a love less marriage or in a relationship for convenience purposes…. The initials I like to use for this scenario are B.S. also meaning “Better Step” Better STEP AWAY FROM THE RELATIONSHIP…he is not leaving her or else he would have done it by now. [Point Blank]
Stop making excuses for him, well ‘he has kids’ or ‘his money is tied up right now’, these may all be valid excuses on why he has not left the previous relationship yet, he may leave her and move to Bora Bora to live with you in Paradise forever… but if he doesn’t… and if he does, will he treat you the same way he treated her and run off with a younger island girl with longer hair when he gets there? Think about it, think about the Karma.

-5- Hot & Heated Arguments- if you find yourself screaming till you lose your breathe every time he forgets to let the seat down, or cutting his favorite jeans into tiny little pieces when goes to work, maybe you should see a counselor .. .individually first… then as a couple, I’m serious; there is nothing wrong with a little anger management. Have you committed arson in the past 6 months of being with this guy? Then this relationship is a … sing it with me, “Danger Zone!” You cannot live happily with someone you have once thought of serving time over, it’s not healthy and it’s not worth it, in fact its seriously dangerous… And I’m not even addressing violent relationships because domestic violence is automatic cause for dismissal no discussion necessary. There is an exception to every rule except for this one, he hits you…. GET OUT!

-6- Different Goals- Sometimes goals change as an individual you mature and you take different routes… In that case, are his goals infringing on yours? Does he want to join a Hedonistic Swingers Club but you are interested in growing as a Baptist Missionary?

Does she enjoy lavish trips to Vegas every weekend, but you want to have kids?

Is he the type to cash his entire paycheck and ask for only ones and stuff into a duffle bag and spend it on strippers, alcohol & cocaine but complain about how the man is keeping him down, but you want to have a stable home environment for your 2 year old and 2 month old child?
Well you probably should have not started dating that guy in the first place, a lot of times the problems are visible but we expect to change them or assume they will mature over time… there are exceptions to every rule but a majority of the time you are the RULE not the EXCEPTION.

-7-Fighting in Public- If your relationship has gotten so bad, that you find yourself angry in public, or even embarrassed, DUMP ‘EM! Is he known for being the worst drunk ever in your circle of friends?  If your guy or girl has no public etiquette after a year, he or she is a slow learner and maybe they should learn on their own.

-8- Constant Comparison-  If you constantly compare your partner to every guy or girl you meet, you are not in love, there should be no comparison.

-9- Liar Liar Pants On Fire – If you are constantly receiving lies about whereabouts or the friend he recently hangs out with OR if you constantly have to tell lies about your whereabouts or friends chances are, this relationship is going to be misery for both of you… Let it Go!

10- If He Makes You Cry…  Some would say one time is enough, some women go back for seconds and thirds, some women deal with it for a lifetime, crying secretly in the shower… because they know they are not getting the love, support and respect they deserve. If a man doesn’t respect you enough to not hurt you… then he thinks less of you, never settle for a man that thinks less of you hold out for the guy that thinks the world of you, builds you up, pushes you toward greatness and brings you peace.

Now play this video as you pack his/her stuff (or yours stuff depending on whose name is on the lease)!

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