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Height Love Equality

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Posted:  April 29, 2013  //  No comments

I notice for a lot of high school students these days (and adults), its okay to date:

-outside of your race
-inside your own gender
-outside of your socioeconomic background
-multiple people at once, (its actually preferred)
-while still married or seperated
-outside of your religion
-outside of your age range
-outside of your culture, regardless of language barriers

however there is one field that it is not okay to date outside of, and that is “HEIGHT”.

 If a guy is shorter than you, or a girl is taller than you than it is not okay? Who made that rule and why? What difference does it make? Why must the man always be taller? Does a man who is within his abilities to be a great man and take care of his family, provide for his wife and kids -must their be a height requirement? Why is the rule in 2013 still the same as it was in the 1950’s when love equality was nonexistent. Do you stand for love equality? OR only when the woman is shorter than the man?

Watch this video… Then leave your comment…


Why is this okay?

Why is this okay?

Shaquille O’Neal w/ girlfriend “Hoopz”

But this is not ?Couples


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