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What Does OBAMACARE mean for ME?

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Posted:  June 28, 2012  //  No comments

A friend of mines boyfriend died with kidney cancer last week, his job fired him, because he was sick, then his insurance dropped him … after that he couldn’t afford the chemo that was keeping him alive. If we weren’t busy arguing over whether we like this Affordable Healthcare Act he might have made it to see this next Wednesday

Now it’s a law…that they can’t drop you from your insurance when you get sick… but he died Last Wednesday.

 So Now It’s a Law… Let’s Celebrate! Let’s All Rush to The Doctor today!


That’s right 5-4 decision, of course you must know that you did not have the vote from Clarence Thomas, he was too busy playing with a coke can.

NOW…. What does this mean for you….

Well it depends on who YOU are


Unless you want it to..


you can get more access to better healthcare packages…

If you DON’T HAVE INSURANCE… you should go get some

…or else you are going to owe Uncle Sam 1% of your income each year you don’t get health insurance.

For me this plan isn’t LIBERAL enough!  I am a fan that we do something, so if this is the best proposal on the table then fine, but I like UNIVERSAL healthcare, I think he should have went for a single payer system seeing as the REPUBLICANS didn’t back him on this ultra conservative (pay for your own darn healthcare, because we the tax payers are sick of paying for you to go to the Emergency Room)… plan anyway, why not just go for the gusto!

what part don't you like about Obamacare cartoon

Even though this is similar to  the same plan that Romney introduced in his home state… which now he is pretending to have forgotten. Enacted in 2006, it mandates that nearly every resident of Massachusetts obtain a state-government-regulated minimum level of healthcare insurance coverage and provides free health care insurance for residents earning less than 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

The difference is… RomneyCare is what I like … EXTREMELY Liberal… The GOVERNMENT pays for EVERYBODY’S pelvic exam, heart disease, std’s, babies, teens, that my friends is RomneyCare, but as usual our President was trying to make a deal with the elephant making his plan as conservative as possible and they STILL don’t like it.


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