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Why Hate LeBron ?

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Posted:  June 27, 2012  //  No comments

I COULD NOT watch LeBron’s victory, I could not, too nervous, like a lot of people I took his success semi-personally. I have enjoyed the game of basketball since I was forced to play because of my long lanky limbs in high school. I wasn’t good at all… at first. After more coaching and a lot more coaching, more drills, late nights in the cuddle sac practicing lay ups., I got better at it. Eventually I was good, good enough to start a few games.

I come from an athletic family filled with coaches, pro athletes, and a grandmother that knows how to split screen 4 games at once on her television. I, myself never had the passion for sweating, sore muscles and BenGay like my dad, uncles and cousins did. I prefer cheering from the sidelines.

I love college basketball mostly because you can see the execution of plays, setting of picks and it’s a team effort (no ball hogs). I haven’t become a fan of the show boating of NBA basketball although you can catch me at a couple of finals games as a fan of the ultimate glory, the ring, I like the conquest.

What the human body is capable of if you push it to the limit, day after day, year after year, is remarkable. Eventually for just a second some of these NBA players can actually FLY!

They actually take off the ground starting on their right foot and lift off, reach for the goal and fly to it! I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it happens!  It has to be the most miraculous thing I have ever seen.

These guys have a wing span longer than some vehicles. Their biceps, their calf muscles have turned into material harder than your tv remote. The endurance of a professional basketball player allows them to run at unheard of speeds, the full length of a basketball court for hours, with only 5 minute breaks. But do you know how hard it is to win a Championship, Lebron’s numbers doubled this past season. To win a Championship, you have to go from BEST to BETTER THAN BEST… It is the equivalent of always running 2 miles daily, then pushing yourself to run 20 miles the next day. Sheer MIND OVER MATTER! 


-LeBron was born in Akron,Ohio

– Played high school basketball in Akron, Ohio

-3 Time Mr.Basketball of OHIO

– Selected number one pick in the ’03 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers

–  A member of the USA National Team he brought home the goal in ’08 and a bronze in the ’04 Olympics

So Why are people mad LeBron Left Ohio

Simple … it’s called the “crabs in a bucket mentality”. The Crabs in a Bucket Mentality has a  literal meaning. Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket?

If you have ever been crabbing and you place several crabs in a bucket, they will never get out, because they will constantly pull each other down, when one gets to the top, another pulls him down, and so on and so on. I never understood why, whether it is out of envy, spite, a feeling of ownership of his success, but the people of Ohio did not want LeBron to make it to the top. They knew that he could not reach the pinnacle of his success in Ohio, they had to let him fly… but they hated every minute of it.

Congratulations LeBron James… Welcome to the Championship Club! 


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