white house
Bo Trying to Figure Out Why All These Trees are in his home
December 4, 2012, No Comments

Do you think dogs understand the concept of Christmas? Or why we bring trees inside this time of year?

Funniest, Creepiest Dog Halloween Costumes We Could Find
October 2, 2012, No Comments

Get creative but don’t abuse your dog, try to step out of the box and find or create something we can add here for ...

bunny north haven
Bunny Battle 2012
August 10, 2012, No Comments

Should the little girl be allowed to keep her bunny? Her town’s new mandates consider her bunny livestock.

pug wash
Dog Wash Fundraiser August 4th
July 23, 2012, No Comments

Does your dog need a bath? Come to WAG-A-LOT dog wash and have your dog bathed by PAWS Atlanta volunteers for only $15. ...

Dog hugs baby
Studies Show Dogs Are Good for Newborns…
July 9, 2012, No Comments

Researchers in Finland have found that babies who have a dog in the home have fewer colds, fewer ear infections and need ...

The GUILTY Face …
July 4, 2012, No Comments

Anyone that has ever owned a dog, knows this face!! The Guilty FACE… they give themselves away everytime!

This has to be the Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Tried
June 20, 2012, No Comments

Just click the link below and it scans your face using your webcam software to find a dog that looks just like you who ...

Fred Dixon
Can Your Dog Do This ?
June 7, 2012, No Comments

This man’s 6 year old therapy dog can understand Sign Language! Fred Dixon’s dog, Shinook is adorably intell ...

BunnyFest 2012
May 23, 2012, No Comments