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The Louboutin Obsession

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Posted:  June 20, 2012  //  No comments

Beyonce Red BottomsHands down Christian Louboutin is the reason most of us have a shoe fetish.

There’s no one that wouldn’t kill for a pair… or five of killer pumps from the luxurious line up.

The prices range from $450 to about $4700 and they go higher of course if the shoe is custom made.

Evelyn Lozada shoes

Evelyn Lozada

You know it’s Louboutin when you see the red bottoms; the soles of the first pair were painted red with fingernail polish. The story is that in 1993 his assistant sat next to him painting her nails the bright red color, while Christian was working on a new prototype, he grabbed the nail polish from her and slathered the shoe bottom in it! Hence the red bottom craze was born!

Every celebrity has them from Keri Hilson to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga to Rick Ross. Yes, even men and hardcore rappers have fallen under the Louboutin Spell.

Rick Ross shoes

Rick Ross Red Bottoms

Taylor Swift shoes

Taylor Swift

Many musicians have mentioned them in their songs, some even write entire songs about them.

(Red Bottoms Ballads)

There’s something about them that make them so irresistible and it’s between the elaborate high heels and the fact like they’re one of a kind.
The French designer has been sketching shoes since he was a teenager and judging by his success, his hard work paid off.
Sarah Jessica Parker shoes

The line has only been out since 1992 and he’s already the favorite designer of many stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez. His biggest fan is novelist Danielle Steel who’s known to own at least 6,000 pairs and was seen leaving a store with 80 pairs!
Christian Louboutin claims that his shoes were not designed to please women, but men. Although I am sure most men are not satisfied with the price.  His goals for the ridiculously high heeled shoes are to make a woman’s legs look as long as possible, therefore making the body look more exaggerated.



Who can go wrong with gorgeous heels, long legs, and the confidence to match?

How many pairs do you own?

Or would you NEVER spend that much money for a pair of shoes?

Are you under the Louboutin Spell ?

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